Calogero–Moser systems and representation theory

  • Pavel Etingof

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Calogero–Moser systems and representation theory cover

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IntroductionDownload pp. 1–3
1Poisson manifolds and Hamiltonian reductionpp. 5–10
2Classical mechanics and integrable systemspp. 11–19
3Deformation theorypp. 21–27
4Quantum moment maps, quantum Hamiltonian reduction, and the Levasseur–Stafford theorempp. 29–37
5Quantum mechanics, quantum integrable systems, and quantization of the Calogero–Moser systempp. 39–45
6Calogero–Moser systems associated to finite Coxeter groupspp. 47–52
7The rational Cherednik algebrapp. 53–57
8Symplectic reflection algebraspp. 59–63
9Deformation-theoretic interpretation of symplectic reflection algebraspp. 65–67
10The center of the symplectic reflection algebrapp. 69–78
11Representation theory of rational Cherednik algebraspp. 79–86
Bibliographypp. 87–89
Indexpp. 91–92