Non-linear Elliptic Equations in Conformal Geometry

  • Sun-Yung Alice Chang

    Princeton University, USA
Non-linear Elliptic Equations in Conformal Geometry cover

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1Gaussian curvature equationpp. 1–8
2Moser–Trudinger inequality (on the sphere)pp. 9–16
3Polyakov formula on compact surfacespp. 17–24
4Conformal covariant operators – Paneitz operatorpp. 25–29
5Functional determinant on 4-manifoldspp. 30–37
6Extremal metrics for the log-determinant functionalpp. 38–49
7Elementary symmetric functionspp. 50–55
8A priori estimates for the regularized equation pp. 56–73
9Smoothing via the Yamabe flowpp. 74–78
10Deforming to a constant functionpp. 79–86
Bibliographypp. 87–92