Applications of weight-two motivic cohomology

  • Bruno Kahn

    Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu Equipe Theories Geometriques Universite Paris 7, Case 7012 75251 Paris Cedex 05 France
Applications of weight-two motivic cohomology cover
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Using Lichtenbaum's complex Γ(2)\Gamma(2), we reprove and extend a little bit some known results relating the kernel of H3(F,Q/Z(2))H3(F(X),Q/Z(2))H^3(F,{\bold Q}/{\bold Z}(2))\to H^3(F(X),{\bold Q}/{\bold Z}(2)) to the torsion of CH2XCH^2 X for rational varieties XX.

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Bruno Kahn, Applications of weight-two motivic cohomology. Doc. Math. 1 (1996), pp. 395–416

DOI 10.4171/DM/17