JournalsjemsVol. 11 , No. 3DOI 10.4171/jems/156

Face enumeration—from spheres to manifolds

  • Ed Swartz

    Cornell University, Ithaca, United States
Face enumeration—from spheres to manifolds cover


We prove a number of new restrictions on the enumerative properties of homology manifolds and semi-Eulerian complexes and posets. These include a determination of the affine span of the fine h-vector of balanced semi-Eulerian complexes and the toric h-vector of semi-Eulerian posets.

The lower bounds on simplicial homology manifolds, when combined with higher dimensional analogues of Walkup’s 3-dimensional constructions [47], allow us to give a complete characterization of the f-vectors of arbitrary simplicial triangulations of S1 × S3 , ℂP2, K3 surfaces, and (S2 × S2) # (S2 × S2). We also establish a principle which leads to a conjecture for homology manifolds which is almost logically equivalent to the g-conjecture for homology spheres. Lastly, we show that with sufficiently many vertices, every triangulable homology manifold without boundary of dimension three or greater can be triangulated in a 2-neighborly fashion.