JournalsjemsVol. 23, No. 6pp. 2071–2126

The simplicial model of Univalent Foundations (after Voevodsky)

  • Krzysztof Kapulkin

    University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine

    Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA
The simplicial model of Univalent Foundations (after Voevodsky) cover
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We present Voevodsky’s construction of a model of univalent type theory in the category of simplicial sets.

To this end, we first give a general technique for constructing categorical models of dependent type theory, using universes to obtain coherence. We then construct a (weakly) universal Kan fibration, and use it to exhibit a model in simplicial sets. Lastly, we introduce the Univalence Axiom, in several equivalent formulations, and show that it holds in our model.

As a corollary, we conclude that Martin-Löf type theory with one univalent universe (formulated in terms of contextual categories) is at least as consistent as ZFC with two inaccessible cardinals.

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Krzysztof Kapulkin, Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine, The simplicial model of Univalent Foundations (after Voevodsky). J. Eur. Math. Soc. 23 (2021), no. 6, pp. 2071–2126

DOI 10.4171/JEMS/1050