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Submission of Manuscripts

Authors must submit their papers electronically in PDF format, according to the instructions below, using the online submission form.

The following information is required with the submission:

  • Name(s) of author(s) together with email address(es).

  • Complete mailing address(es).

  • Name of the corresponding author.

  • 2020 Mathematics Subject Classification

  • Key words and phrases describing the subject matter of the article.

  • Authors should indicate the Editor whose expertise is closest to the subject of the paper. (They can suggest the names of up to three editors, in some order of proximity.)

  • If one of the authors of the submitted paper is on the editorial board, then another editor will oversee the review process of the paper. The editor-author will not be involved in the decision process concerning his or her own paper. This rule also applies to the managing editors and the editor-in-chief.

  • Authors may indicate up to four possible referees for their paper, with their corresponding institution(s) and e-mail address(es). Note that the editor in charge of the paper may not select the suggested referees.

  • Papers based on extensive numerical computations must either have an associated website where all the data may be accessed or else must be posted (in expanded form, with the numerical data as an appendix) on a public repository (such as the arXiv), upon the time of submission. A reference to the website or to the expanded e-print should be included in the submitted paper.

Papers to be considered for publication must be written in English.

Submission of a manuscript implies that it has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Peer Review

The Journal of Fractal Geometry operates a single blind peer review process conducted by external reviewers selected by the editorial board.

Preparation of Manuscripts

We strongly encourage authors to make available LaTeX files for typesetting purposes. Upon final acceptance of papers, authors will be asked to submit all source files and macros together with a PDF file.

Once an article has been accepted for publication, authors are kindly asked to

  • download the file;

  • follow the instructions included in the zip file;

  • submit their article in well-structured LaTeX using the template and the style file contained in the zip file.

Authors will receive a set of galley proofs of their article for final corrections.

Open Access

The Journal of Fractal Geometry is a Subscribe to Open (S2O) journal, which means that articles may be published open access. There are no author fees or article processing charges associated with this mode of open access. Open access articles are published under the CC-BY 4.0 license. Authors may review our Terms of Digital Access for further information regarding licenses and repository deposits.