A Course on Elation Quadrangles

  • Koen Thas

    Ghent University, Belgium
A Course on Elation Quadrangles cover
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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–vi
PrefaceDownload pp. vii–x
ContentsDownload pp. xi–xii
1Generalized quadranglespp. 1–15
2The Moufang conditionpp. 16–23
3Elation quadranglespp. 24–30
4Some features of special pp-groupspp. 31–43
5Parameters of elation quadrangles and structure of elation groupspp. 44–49
6Standard elations and flock quadranglespp. 50–63
7Foundations of EGQspp. 64–77
8Elation quadrangles with nonisomorphic elation groupspp. 78–83
9Application: Existence of translation netspp. 84–85
10Elations of dual translation quadranglespp. 86–90
11Local Moufang conditionspp. 91–103
Bibliographypp. 105–109
Symbolspp. 111–112
Indexpp. 113–117