3-Manifold Groups

  • Matthias Aschenbrenner

    University of California Los Angeles, USA
  • Stefan Friedl

    Universität Regensburg, Germany
  • Henry Wilton

    University of Cambridge, UK
3-Manifold Groups cover

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Figures, Flowcharts, and Tablesp. vii
IntroductionDownload pp. ix–xiv
1Decomposition theoremspp. 1–26
2Classification of 3-manifolds by their fundamental groupspp. 27–41
33-manifold groups after geometrizationpp. 43–68
4The work of Agol, Kahn–Markovic, and Wisepp. 69–90
5Consequences of the Virtually Compact Special Theorempp. 91–113
6Subgroups of 3-manifold groupspp. 115–124
7Open questionspp. 125–145
Bibliographypp. 147–209
Indexpp. 211–215