Finite Generalized Quadrangles

Second Edition

  • Stanley E. Payne

    University of Colorado Denver, Denver, USA
  • Joseph A. Thas

    Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
Finite Generalized Quadrangles cover

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Preface to the first editionDownload pp. vii–viii
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1Combinatorics of finite generalized quadranglespp. 1–21
2Subquadranglespp. 22–30
3The known generalized quadrangles and their propertiespp. 31–54
4Generalized quadrangles in finite projective spacespp. 55–63
5Combinatorial characterizations of the known generalized quadranglespp. 64–100
6Generalized quadrangles with small parameterspp. 101–125
7Generalized quadrangles in finite affine spacespp. 126–137
8Elation generalized quadrangles and translation generalized quadranglespp. 138–153
9Moufang conditionspp. 154–170
10Generalized quadrangles as group coset geometriespp. 171–193
11Coordinatization of generalized quadrangles with pp. 194–212
12Generalized quadrangles as amalgamations of desarguesian planespp. 213–240
13Generalizations and related topicspp. 241–246
Bibliographypp. 247–258
Development of the theory of GQ since 1983pp. 259–278
Bibliographypp. 279–283
Indexpp. 285–287