Mathematical Foundations of Supersymmetry

  • Claudio Carmeli

    University of Genova, Italy
  • Lauren Caston

    RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • Rita Fioresi

    University of Bologna, Italy
Mathematical Foundations of Supersymmetry cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–iv
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IntroductionDownload pp. vii–ix
ContentsDownload pp. xi–xiii
1-graded linear algebrapp. 1–27
2Sheaves, functors and the geometric point of viewpp. 28–44
3Supergeometrypp. 45–53
4Differentiable supermanifoldspp. 54–89
5The local structure of morphismspp. 90–102
6The Frobenius theorempp. 103–111
7Super Lie groupspp. 112–140
8Actions of super Lie groupspp. 141–153
9Homogeneous spacespp. 154–172
10Supervarieties and superschemespp. 173–201
11Algebraic supergroupspp. 202–230
ALie superalgebraspp. 231–258
BCategoriespp. 259–268
CFréchet superspacespp. 269–275
Bibliographypp. 277–281
Indexpp. 283–287