Distributions, Sobolev Spaces, Elliptic Equations

  • Dorothee D. Haroske

    University of Jena, Germany
  • Hans Triebel

    University of Jena, Germany
Distributions, Sobolev Spaces, Elliptic Equations cover

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1The Laplace–Poisson equationpp. 1–24
2Distributionspp. 25–55
3Sobolev spaces on and pp. 56–86
4Sobolev spaces on domainspp. 87–116
5Elliptic operators in pp. 117–181
6Spectral theory in Hilbert spaces and Banach spacespp. 182–213
7Compact embeddings, spectral theory of elliptic operatorspp. 214–244
ADomains, basic spaces, and integral formulaepp. 245–249
BOrthonormal bases of trigonometric functionspp. 250–251
COperator theorypp. 252–258
DSome integral inequalitiespp. 259–260
EFunction spacespp. 261–267
Selected solutionspp. 269–274
Bibliographypp. 275–282
Author indexpp. 283–284
List of Figuresp. 285
Notation indexpp. 287–289
Subject indexpp. 291–294