Lectures on Dynamical Systems

Hamiltonian Vector Fields and Symplectic Capacities

  • Eduard Zehnder

    ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Lectures on Dynamical Systems cover

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ContentsDownload pp. ix–x
IIntroductionDownload pp. 1–45
IIInvariant manifolds of hyperbolic fixed pointspp. 46–80
IIIHyperbolic setspp. 81–126
IVGradientlike flowspp. 127–181
VHamiltonian vector fields and symplectic diffeomorphismspp. 182–238
VIQuestions, phenomena, resultspp. 239–251
VIISymplectic invariantspp. 252–306
VIIIApplications of the capacity in Hamiltonian systemspp. 307–338
Bibliographypp. 339–345
List of Symbolsp. 347
Indexpp. 349–353

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