Regular, Quasi-regular and Induced Representations of Infinite-dimensional Groups

  • Alexander V. Kosyak

    National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
Regular, Quasi-regular and Induced Representations of Infinite-dimensional Groups cover
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1Introduction and Preliminariespp. 1–34
2Regular representations of groups B0NB_0^\mathbb{N} and B0ZB_0^\mathbb{Z}pp. 35–109
3Quasi-regular representations of the groups B0NB_0^\mathbb{N}, B0ZB_0^\mathbb{Z}, and G=G=Bor0N_0^\mathbb{N}pp. 111–216
4Quasi-regular representations of B0NB_0^\mathbb{N}, product of m-dimensional Gaussian measurespp. 217–262
5Elements of the modular theory for regular representationspp. 263–281
6von Neumann algebras generated by the regular representationspp. 283–343
7Induced representationspp. 345–384
8Description of the dual for the groups B0NB_0^\mathbb{N} and B0ZB_0^\mathbb{Z}. First stepspp. 385–388
9Ismagilov conjecture over a finite field Fp\mathbb{F}_ppp. 389–478
10Irreducibility of the Koopman representations of GL0(2,R)_0(2\infty,\mathbb{R})pp. 479–521
11Regular representations of non-matrix infinite-dimensional groupspp. 523–531
12How to construct a triple (G,G,μ)(\overline{G},G,\mu) for an infinite-dimensional group GG?pp. 533–538
Bibliographypp. 539–549
Indexpp. 551–555