Tractability of Multivariate Problems

Volume I: Linear Information

  • Erich Novak

    University of Jena, Germany
  • Henryk Woźniakowski

    Columbia University, New York, USA, and University of Warsaw, Poland
Tractability of Multivariate Problems cover

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1Overviewpp. 1–2
2Motivation for Tractability Studiespp. 3–13
3Twelve Examplespp. 14–88
4Basic Concepts and Survey of IBC Resultspp. 89–154
5Worst Case Settingpp. 155–240
6Average Case Settingpp. 241–283
7Randomized Settingpp. 284–285
8Generalized Tractabilitypp. 286–340
AReproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces of Sobolev Typepp. 341–356
BGaussian Measurespp. 357–362
CList of Open Problemspp. 363–364
Bibliographypp. 365–380
Indexpp. 381–384