Metric Spaces, Convexity and Nonpositive Curvature

Second edition

  • Athanase Papadopoulos

    IRMA, Strasbourg, France
Metric Spaces, Convexity and Nonpositive Curvature cover

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Frontmatterpp. i–v
Preface to the second editionp. vii
Preface to the first editionp. viii
Contentspp. ix–xi
Introduction: Some historical markerspp. 1–13
1Lengths of paths in metric spacespp. 15–39
2Length spaces and geodesic spacespp. 40–87
3Maps between metric spacespp. 88–110
4Distancespp. 111–134
5Convexity in vector spacespp. 135–175
6Convex functionspp. 176–193
7Strictly convex normed vector spacespp. 194–202
8Busemann spacespp. 203–225
9Locally convex spacespp. 226–245
10Asymptotic rays and the visual boundarypp. 246–257
11Isometriespp. 258–279
12Busemann functions, co-rays and horospherespp. 280–292
Bibliographypp. 293–304
Indexpp. 305–309