Decorated Teichmüller Theory

  • Robert C. Penner

    Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces, Aarhus, Denmark, and Caltech, Pasadena, USA
Decorated Teichmüller Theory cover

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Frontmatter, Prologue, ForewordDownload pp. i–x
PrefaceDownload pp. xi–xiv
ContentsDownload pp. xv–xvii
1The basicspp. 1–46
2Lambda lengths in finite dimensionspp. 47–87
3Lambda lengths in infinite dimensionspp. 88–123
4Decomposition of the decorated spacespp. 124–173
5Mapping class groupoids and moduli spacespp. 174–235
6Further applicationspp. 236–272
Epiloguep. 273
AGeometry of Gauss productpp. 275–299
BDual to the Kähler two formpp. 300–320
CStable curves and screenspp. 321–338
Bibliographypp. 339–348
List of Notationpp. 349–353
Indexpp. 355–360

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