Geometry and Topology of Surfaces

  • Sebastian Baader

    Universität Bern, Switzerland
Geometry and Topology of Surfaces cover

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Frontmatter, Dedication, AcknowledgmentsDownload pp. i–x
ContentsDownload p. ix
IntroductionDownload pp. 1–2
1Étude on the flat case: pp. 3–6
2Plane hyperbolic geometrypp. 7–12
3Simple closed geodesics and systolespp. 13–18
4Fenchel–Nielsen coordinates pp. 19–24
5Dehn twistspp. 25–30
6Normal generators for mapping class groups pp. 31–36
7Measured foliations pp. 37–44
8The -theorem for measured foliationspp. 45–48
9Compactification of Teichmüller space pp. 49–54
10Classification of mapping classes pp. 55–60
11Perron–Frobenius theorypp. 61–64
12Pseudo-Anosov maps with small stretch factor pp. 65–70
Bibliography pp. 71–74
Index pp. 75–76