Geometry and Topology of Surfaces

  • Sebastian Baader

    Universität Bern, Switzerland
Geometry and Topology of Surfaces cover
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Frontmatter, Dedication, AcknowledgmentsDownload pp. i–x
ContentsDownload p. ix
IntroductionDownload pp. 1–2
1Étude on the flat case: S1×S1S^1 \times S^1pp. 3–6
2Plane hyperbolic geometrypp. 7–12
3Simple closed geodesics and systolespp. 13–18
4Fenchel–Nielsen coordinates pp. 19–24
5Dehn twistspp. 25–30
6Normal generators for mapping class groups pp. 31–36
7Measured foliations pp. 37–44
8The (9g9)(9g-9)-theorem for measured foliationspp. 45–48
9Compactification of Teichmüller space pp. 49–54
10Classification of mapping classes pp. 55–60
11Perron–Frobenius theorypp. 61–64
12Pseudo-Anosov maps with small stretch factor pp. 65–70
Bibliography pp. 71–74
Index pp. 75–76