Rectifiable Sets, Densities, and Tangent Measures

  • Camillo De Lellis

    University of Zurich
Rectifiable Sets, Densities, and Tangent Measures cover

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1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–3
2Notation and preliminariespp. 4–12
3Marstrand’s Theorem and tangent measurespp. 13–26
4Rectifiabilitypp. 27–39
5The Marstrand–Mattila Rectifiability Criterionpp. 40–55
6An overview of Preiss’ proofpp. 56–69
7Moments and uniqueness of the tangent measure at infinitypp. 70–84
8Flat versus curved at infinitypp. 85–94
9Flatness at infinity implies flatnesspp. 95–109
10Open problemspp. 110–116
AProof of Theorem 3.11pp. 117–121
BGaussian integralspp. 122–124
Bibliographyp. 125
Indexp. 127