1 February 2021

10 EMS Press Journals Become Open Access in 2021

Laura Simonite

EMS Press announces successful results in its first year of Subscribe To Open.

EMS Press Open Access

1st February 2021 - Berlin, Germany

EMS Press is pleased to announce that all 10 of its Subscribe To Open (S2O) journals will become open access for 2021, including its flagship publication Journal of the European Mathematical Society. The Press chose S2O as its preferred route to open access as it does not rely on author fees, allowing for equitable and sustainable open access with a focus on high-quality research.

The following titles have successfully met the Press’s criteria for sustainable publication and will be made open access via its S2O programme:

This is the first year that the Press has offered S2O, and the first time that any of these journals has been available as open access. For each of these titles, all articles published in 2021 issues will be made open access with a CC-BY license via the Press’s new content platform, launching 15th February.

Speaking on the announcement EMS Press’s CEO, Dr André Gaul, said “We’re thrilled to have managed such strong results in our first year offering S2O. Every single subscriber – from personal subscribers to libraries and institutions to consortia – purchases access for themselves but collectively they have all contributed to opening this year's content. I am particularly happy that our subscribers endorse Subscribe to Open as an equitable and sustainable open access model. We look forward to expanding our offering for 2022 and hope to bring more titles into our open access roster.”

Further details of the methodology used to assess journals for open access status, as well as details of the new content platform, will be published in due course. The Press will announce 2022’s S2O titles later this year and encourages consortia, funders and other national groups to get in touch if they would like to hear more about how they can proactively support the S2O initiative.

For all enquiries please contact Head of Business Development, Laura Simonite.

About EMS Press

EMS Press is a Berlin-based mathematics publisher dedicated to the publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals and books. With a digital and print portfolio of more than 20 journals and catalogue of some 200 books, the press’s editorial team is focused on creating and curating the very best resources for our community. The Press is committed to transparency and openness, with a strong focus on tech-first solutions for academic publishing. EMS Press is an imprint of EMS Publishing House GmbH, a subsidiary of the not-for-profit organization European Mathematical Society.

For press enquiries please contact marketing@ems.press.

A PDF of this press release can be downloaded here.


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