Classification of Complex Algebraic Surfaces

  • Ciro Ciliberto

    Università di Roma Tor Vergata, Italy
Classification of Complex Algebraic Surfaces cover

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1Some preliminariespp. 1–15
2Characterization of the complex projective planepp. 17–18
3Minimal modelspp. 19–20
4Ruled surfacespp. 21–25
5Surfaces with non-nef canonical bundlepp. 27–35
6The cone theorempp. 37–42
7The minimal model programmepp. 43–44
8The Castelnuovo rationality criterionpp. 45–46
9The fundamental theorem of the classificationpp. 47–61
10Classification and the abundance theorempp. 63–74
11Surfaces of general typepp. 75–78
12The Bagnera–De Franchis classification of bielliptic surfacespp. 79–87
13The -theorempp. 89–97
14The Sarkisov programmepp. 99–113
15The classical Noether–Castelnuovo theorempp. 115–121
16Examplespp. 123–128
Bibliographypp. 129–130
Indexpp. 131–133