Basic Noncommutative Geometry

Second edition

  • Masoud Khalkhali

    The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
Basic Noncommutative Geometry cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–v
Preface to the second editionDownload pp. vii–viii
ContentsDownload pp. ix–x
IntroductionDownload pp. xi–xviii
1Examples of algebra-geometry correspondencespp. 1–46
2Noncommutative quotientspp. 47–86
3Cyclic cohomologypp. 87–162
4Connes–Chern characterpp. 163–200
AGelfand–Naimark theoremspp. 201–211
BCompact operators, Fredholm operators, and abstract index theorypp. 212–218
CProjective modulespp. 219–220
DEquivalence of categoriespp. 221–222
Bibliographypp. 223–233
Indexpp. 235–239