Tractability of Multivariate Problems

Volume III: Standard Information for Operators

  • Erich Novak

    University of Jena, Germany
  • Henryk Woźniakowski

    Columbia University, New York, USA, and University of Warsaw, Poland
Tractability of Multivariate Problems cover

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21Examples of Multivariate Approximationpp. 1–36
22Randomized Setting: Multivariate Approximationpp. 37–98
23Randomized Setting: Linear Problemspp. 99–184
24Average Case Setting: Multivariate Approximationpp. 185–231
25Average Case Setting: Linear Problemspp. 232–281
26Worst Case Setting: Multivariate Approximationpp. 282–339
27Worst Case Setting: Linear Problemspp. 340–442
28Nonlinear Problemspp. 443–533
29Power of Function Values for Multivariate Approximationpp. 534–558
FList of Open Problemspp. 559–567
GErrata for Volumes I and IIpp. 569–571
Bibliographypp. 573–581
Indexpp. 583–586