Homotopy Quantum Field Theory

With Appendices by Michael Müger and Alexis Virelizier

  • Vladimir Turaev

    Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
Homotopy Quantum Field Theory cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–v
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IntroductionDownload pp. xi–xiv
IGeneralities on HQFTspp. 1–22
IIGroup-algebraspp. 23–39
IIITwo-dimensional HQFTspp. 40–65
IVBiangular algebras and lattice HQFTspp. 66–87
VEnumeration problems in dimension twopp. 88–129
VICrossed G-categories and invariants of linkspp. 130–157
VIIModular -categories and HQFTspp. 158–185
VIIIMiscellaneous algebrapp. 186–203
1Relative HQFTspp. 205–212
2State sum invariants of 3-dimensional -manifoldspp. 213–216
3Recent work on HQFTspp. 217–218
4Open problemspp. 219–220
5On the structure of braided crossed G-categories by Michael Mügerpp. 221–235
6Algebraic properties of Hopf -coalgebras by Alexis Virelizierpp. 236–252
7Invariants of 3-dimensional -manifolds from Hopf coalgebras by Alexis Virelizierpp. 253–262
Bibliographypp. 263–271
Indexpp. 273–276