Dynamical Systems and Processes

  • Michel Weber

    IRMA, Strasbourg, France
Dynamical  Systems and Processes cover

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IPart I Spectral theorems and convergence in meanp. 1
1The von Neumann theorem and spectral regularizationpp. 3–60
2Spectral representation of weakly stationary processespp. 61–89
IIPart II Ergodic Theoremsp. 91
3Dynamical systems – ergodicity and mixingpp. 93–128
4Pointwise ergodic theoremspp. 129–199
5Banach principle and continuity principlepp. 200–229
6Maximal operators and Gaussian processespp. 230–266
7The central limit theorem for dynamical systemspp. 267–337
IIIPart III Methods arising from the theory of stochastic processesp. 339
8The metric entropy methodpp. 341–432
9The majorizing measure methodpp. 433–490
10Gaussian processespp. 491–546
IVPart IV Three studiesp. 547
11Riemann sumspp. 549–600
12A study of the system pp. 601–658
13Divisors and random walkspp. 659–728
Bibliographypp. 729–757
Indexpp. 759–761