International Congress of Mathematicians

2022 July 6–14


  • Dmitry Beliaev

    University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Stanislav Smirnov

    Université de Genève, Switzerland

Following the long and illustrious tradition of the International Congress of Mathematicians, these proceedings include contributions based on the invited talks that were presented at the Congress in 2022.

Published with the support of the International Mathematical Union and edited by Dmitry Beliaev and Stanislav Smirnov, these seven volumes present the most important developments in all fields of mathematics and its applications in the past four years. In particular, they include laudations and presentations of the 2022 Fields Medal winners and of the other prestigious prizes awarded at the Congress.

The proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians provide an authoritative documentation of contemporary research in all branches of mathematics, and are an indispensable part of every mathematical library.

The contents of the ICM 2022 Proceedings are available online with open access.