An Introduction to Singular Stochastic PDEs

Allen–Cahn Equations, Metastability, and Regularity Structures

  • Nils Berglund

    Institut Denis Poisson, Université d’Orleans, Université de Tours and CNRS
An Introduction to Singular Stochastic PDEs cover

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Front MatterDownload pp. i–v
PrefaceDownload pp. vii–viii
ContentsDownload pp. ix–x
1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–11
2A system of interacting diffusionspp. 13–32
3Allen–Cahn SPDE in one space dimensionpp. 33–62
4Allen–Cahn SPDE in two space dimensionspp. 63–85
5Allen–Cahn SPDE in three space dimensionspp. 87–156
APotential theory for reversible Markov chainspp. 157–164
BHopf algebraspp. 165–174
CBPHZ renormalisationpp. 175–188
DWiener chaos expansionpp. 189–193
Referencespp. 205–215
Indexpp. 217–220