Denumerable Markov Chains

Generating Functions, Boundary Theory, Random Walks on Trees

  • Wolfgang Woess

    Graz University of Technology, Austria
Denumerable Markov Chains cover

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IntroductionDownload pp. ix–xvii
1Preliminaries and basic factspp. 1–27
2Irreducible classespp. 28–42
3Recurrence and transience, convergence, and the ergodic theorempp. 43–77
4Reversible Markov chainspp. 78–115
5Models of population evolutionpp. 116–152
6Elements of the potential theory of transient Markov chainspp. 153–178
7The Martin boundary of transient Markov chainspp. 179–218
8Minimal harmonic functions on Euclidean latticespp. 219–225
9Nearest neighbour random walks on treespp. 226–296
Solutions of all exercisespp. 297–337
Bibliographypp. 339–344
List of symbols and notationpp. 345–347
Indexpp. 349–351