Accuracy of Mathematical Models

Dimension Reduction, Homogenization, and Simplification

  • Sergey I. Repin

    Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Stefan A. Sauter

    Universität Zürich, Switzerland
Accuracy of Mathematical Models cover

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1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–23
2Estimates of the distance to exact solutionspp. 25–102
3Dimension reduction modelspp. 103–157
4Model simplificationpp. 159–186
5Elliptic homogenizationpp. 187–249
6Conversion of modelspp. 251–281
7-regularity constant for second-order elliptic problems with nonsmooth coefficientspp. 283–292
Bibliographypp. 293–310
List of Notationspp. 311–313
Indexpp. 315–317