Efficient Numerical Methods for Non-local Operators

-Matrix Compression, Algorithms and Analysis

  • Steffen Börm

    Kiel University, Germany
Efficient Numerical Methods for Non-local Operators cover

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Frontmatter, ForewordDownload pp. i–vi
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1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–8
2Model problempp. 9–27
3Hierarchical matricespp. 28–73
4Application to integral operatorspp. 74–162
5Orthogonal cluster bases and matrix projectionspp. 163–210
6Compressionpp. 211–279
7A priori matrix arithmeticpp. 280–331
8A posteriori matrix arithmeticpp. 332–362
9Application to elliptic partial differential operatorspp. 363–386
10Applicationspp. 387–419
Bibliographypp. 421–426
Algorithm indexpp. 427–428
Subject indexpp. 429–432