Linear Forms in Logarithms and Applications

  • Yann Bugeaud

    Université de Strasbourg, France
Linear Forms in Logarithms and Applications cover

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1Brief introduction to linear forms in logarithmspp. 1–7
2Lower bounds for linear forms in complex and -adic logarithmspp. 9–22
3First applicationspp. 23–45
4Classical families of Diophantine equationspp. 47–66
5Further applicationspp. 67–73
6Applications of linear forms in -adic logarithmspp. 75–93
7Primitive divisors and the greatest prime factor of pp. 95–107
8The -conjecturepp. 109–116
9Simultaneous linear forms in logarithms and applicationspp. 117–123
10Multiplicative dependence relations between algebraic numberspp. 125–129
11Lower bounds for linear forms in two complex logarithms: proofspp. 131–141
12Lower bounds for linear forms in two -adic logarithms: proofspp. 143–156
13Open problemspp. 157–163
Appendicesp. 165
AApproximation by rational numberspp. 167–170
BHeightspp. 171–178
CAuxiliary results on algebraic number fieldspp. 179–182
DClassical results on prime numberspp. 183–185
EA zero lemmapp. 187–189
FTools from complex and -adic analysispp. 191–194
Bibliographypp. 195–221
Indexpp. 223–224