Memoirs of the European Mathematical Society


Books of this series published between 1 January 2022 and 31 December 2023 are accessible as open access under our Subscribe to Open model.

The Memoirs of the European Mathematical Society publish outstanding research contributions in individual volumes, in all areas of mathematics and with a particular focus on works that are longer and more comprehensive than usual research articles.

The collection's editorial board consists of the editors-in-chief of the Journal of the European Mathematical Society and the EMS Surveys in Mathematical Sciences, along with editors of book series of the publishing house of the EMS as well as other distinguished mathematicians.

All submitted works will go through a highly selective peer-review process.

The Memoirs are indexed in zbMATH Open and Mathematical Reviews.

The Memoirs are owned by the European Mathematical Society and adhere to its Code of Practice.

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Forthcoming Titles

J. J. Carmona and K. Fedorovskiy
Carathéodory Sets in the Plane

B. Adcock, S. Brugiapaglia, N. Dexter, and S. Moraga On Efficient Algorithms for Computing Near-best Polynomial Approximations to High-dimensional, Hilbert-valued Functions From Limited Samples

P. Schneider and O. Venjakob
Reciprocity Laws for -modules over Lubin–Tate Extensions

S. Ma
Vector-valued Orthogonal Modular Forms

T. Oh, M. Okamoto, and L. Tolomeo
Stochastic Quantization of the -model