Laplacians on Infinite Graphs

  • Aleksey Kostenko

    University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; and University of Vienna, Austria
  • Noema Nicolussi

    University of Vienna, Austria
Laplacians on Infinite Graphs cover

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1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–14
2Laplacians on graphsDownload pp. 15–31
3Connections via boundary tripletsDownload pp. 33–52
4Connections between parabolic propertiesDownload pp. 53–79
5One-dimensional Schrödinger operators with point interactionsDownload pp. 81–95
6Graph Laplacians as boundary operatorsDownload pp. 97–132
7From continuous to discrete and backDownload pp. 133–164
8ExamplesDownload pp. 165–197
ABoundary triplets and Weyl functionsDownload pp. 199–205
BDirichlet formsDownload pp. 207–210
CHeat kernel boundsDownload pp. 211–212
DGlossary of notationDownload pp. 213–215
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